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Worship As An Event
Worship as event...

Worship As The Entire Church
Worship also refers to our entire congregation so that any ministry that would be of support to our whole church would fit into this environment. These are several ‘church wide’ ministries and activities that happen in and beyond the boundaries of Sunday morning worship time. Check an area that you are interested in working in and a ministry leader will contact you.
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Life Stage Groups
Life Stage Groups are our Sunday morning Bible class groups which give all age groups a place to study and grow with people from their own age group or ‘life stage’. They are also the ‘medium sized’ groups with which our members are to find a place to serve ‘one another’ and reach out to our guests in a slightly more intimate level of fellowship both during class and at other times that the group meets for service, fellowship and outreach. **********All people who volunteer to teach or work with teens or children are subject to background checks for the safety and security of our children and families.**********
Life Stage Groups...

Small Group Ministry
Small Groups are a core part of who we are becoming at Central Church – smaller home/neighborhood based groups that meet regularly for study, pray, and accountability. Every small group is different and will have different formats, activities, and ways they ‘do’ small group, but all groups are to move us toward intimate relationships that call us to greater depth in our walk with God and with one another.
Small Groups...

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