CityServe is an organization that partners with churches around the United States in order to reach local people in need while also simultaneously trying to reach others for Christ in the name of Christ. CityServe does this by collecting overstock and new condition returns from U.S. retailers and sending those to various CityServe warehouses in the US. Those that run the warehouses partner with local churches in order to get these goods to those that need them.

For the central Arkansas area, CityServe has partnered with the Arkansas Dream Center to connect with churches in central Arkansas. This essentially makes the involved churches points of distribution (PODs). Since March 2020, the Central church of Christ has partnered with CityServe and the Arkansas Dream Center to become one of the PODs in order to reach local people with physical and spiritual needs. The great thing about this ministry is that ANYONE in the church congregation can use the items available or request items for the monthly orders made by the PODs. These items range from something as small as diapers and wipes all the way to couches, dressers, entertainment centers, or even a toilet or roofing materials!


If you're a member of Central Church and know of anyone in need, especially if they do not yet know Christ, all you have to do to use the items is to contact your POD Liaison Tyler Floyd. He will be able to let you know what items are currently available in the Central church of Christ CityServe POD Closet and also will be able to order any items you would need for the monthly order conducted by all CityServe PODs. He cannot guarantee specific items due to the supply constantly changing from month to month, but he will do the best he can so you can use items otherwise unobtainable to reach others for Christ! If you would like to become involved in this ministry by being involved in the monthly pickups or unloading at the Central church of Christ POD closet, be sure to let Tyler know that as well so he can get you plugged in! Thanks, and God bless!


To place an order, contact Tyler Floyd at 501-951-2478

or by email at:

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