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We believe that everything we have belongs to God. He has gifted each one of us with specific resources in the form of time, talents and finances. But the Bible is clear about this, we are only managers of what has been entrusted to us. 


Electronic giving is a convenient and consist way for you to give. We have several options for online giving. If needed, you can give to special causes such as: "Camp Caudle", or "BBQ Fundraiser for CHRISTeens". Please see the online giving policy below for specific details. 



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Policy on Online Giving

As the elders of the Central church our desire is to comply completely with present laws regarding the use of donations and which donations are tax deductible. As we understand the law any contribution to be tax deductible must be for a cause fitting with the over all ministry and purpose of the church and must be a work determined by the elders that is worthy of our support. Contributions must be made to the overall work, such as benevolence, missions, Camp Caudle, or some specific mission or benevolence area we will support. All contributions are under the ultimate decision of the elders as to how it will be spent and if more is given to a particular need than is really needed that the elders may decide to spend the money on another need of the same area. For example, if money were being raised to help a particular victim of a fire, when the amount needed to help them has been raised the remainder of what is contributed could be used for other benevolent needs.

This means that:

  1. Designated funds to a particular individual or work that isn’t under the oversight of this church will be placed in a holding fund or the check held until contact can be made with the donor to explain that we cannot by law receive contributions that are for projects or people that aren’t under the oversight of the elders here. If the money is to a charitable institution such as Rivercity Ministry we would suggest that they write the check to them to get a tax deduction. If it is to a person that we as a church do not support or oversee their work we would explain that we cannot accept the gift for that person and that such a gift is a good thing but is not tax deductible. If they wish to give to the overall work at Central or to some part of the work that is under the oversight of the elders we would be glad to use it for a good purpose and give them a letter stating the tax deductible donation has been given. If they don’t want it to go to such a cause under the elders oversight the check will be returned with our apologies.

  2. Contributions made to particular budgeted items are always under the discretion of the elders as to how the money will be spent and if money is given to that area, we will use it in the over all area, but the elders will decide where the need may be greatest. In this case the gift is tax deductible.

  3. Contributions to such causes as “Camp Caudle” for our young people must be made to the scholarship fund for the camp and cannot be designated for a particular camper and the gift still be tax deductible.

  4. The church cannot serve as a conduit to simply pass funds on to a cause or person an individual wishes to support. All funds must meet the criteria of the law to be given as a contribution.

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