Small Groups


Everyone has a different view of what small groups are or should be. At Central, we are committed to deepening relationships in a culture that has devalued relationships and family commitment. These groups can vary in size but are typically less than 12 people.

Through prayer, study, discussion of life, enjoying the game, cooking burgers, helping each other with projects and serving people, we grow together naturally and we care for one another naturally.

At Central, we have many small groups that are ongoing throughout the year. We also have two time periods, one in the fall and one in the spring, in which we start new groups so that new people can join.

Many of our small groups meet on Sunday evenings, but each group is free to schedule their group meetings any day during the week. These groups can set their own focus - whether it be Bible study, local outreach, fellowship, or supporting ongoing ministries in the greater Little Rock area.

For more information about how to get involved in a small group, contact Wade Poe.

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