Life Stage Groups

What are Life Stage Groups?

Life Stage Groups at Central are what a lot of people would call "Sunday school" for adults, but it's much more than that! These groups that meet at 9:00 AM for study go well beyond "just Bible class".

As a growing church that has been blessed by God in so many ways, we know that we must be good stewards of what he has blessed us with, including the blessings of each other as fellow disciples!

While a lot of churches leave relationships and serving and other ‘non worship service activities’ to fend for themselves, at Central, we know that you get what you plan for and make time for!

We want every member to have the opportunity to walk alongside fellow believers to grow together, serve together and reach out together to share the good news of Jesus with our community.

In order to make that happen we are organized into Life Stage Groups: medium sized groups of people that are formed along the lines of shared life stage and/or age groups.

These groups frequently meet outside of ‘church time’ for smaller activities including devotional times, service & simply getting to know each other.

Each Life Stage is very different in the demands of daily life, family needs, free time, available resources and more. Having groups of people from similar backgrounds helps us grow together more naturally.

While we are grouped in Life Stages, each group is encouraged to plan fellowship and service activities across generational lines on a regular basis so that we can benefit/learn from our shared life experiences.

Contact Wade Poe for more information or to get in touch with your Life Stage Group

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