2018 Sermon Series

1 & 2 Corinthians

Starting on the first Sunday in January 2018, we’ll begin a church-wide, year long study of 1 & 2 Corinthians and we'll spend time talking about what we can learn about ourselves and what's important to God.

They were divided over who was most popular. They were divided over what was supposed to happen "in church" and what wasn't supposed to happen "in church". They were divided over whether or not it was okay for "a little immorality" to be allowed in the church family. Some of them weren't even sure that Jesus was raised from the dead. And yet Paul, the apostle, who knew them well, thanked God for them and still called them God's people, completely loved and watched over by the Lord.

There really is no "perfect church". Each 1st century church congregation was different and had unique issues, different from the other churches Paul wrote to. The church in Corinth definitely had its own unique issues of sin and selfishness, some of which will surprise us and shock us.

The good news is that God works amid struggle, difference, weakness, and people who are having a hard time letting go of sin and selfishness. God doesn't stand back away from us until we get it all figured out - he engages us and guides us and loves us in spite of what we don't have together yet.

We hope you'll invest into this life changing, church maturing study with us!

Watch this video to get started in studying Corinthians!  

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