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CENTRAL'S VALUES: We are driven in all we do by five major values which determine what works we will continue or start. Those values are :

ACCEPT - Accept others where they are as God accepts us where we are and helps us become what He wants us to be. Our plea is to come as you are but don't stay there. Come and grow together.

RELATE - Build a strong personal relationship with God, through Christ and build strong ties of friendship and partnership with other members of the God's family.

DISCIPLE - Be a disciple first and then work to make disciples of others. A disciple is an apprentice of Jesus. We want His heart, his image, his devotion to doing God's will all the time.

SHARE - As God shares his blessings with us, giving us all that has to do with life and godliness and providing all spiritual blessings, we share with with those made in His image. As He identifies with the poor, hurting and needy in the world we will do the same.

SERVE - Jesus, Lord of all, came into this world as a servant. He declared that the greatest among us would be servants. Our goal is to serve others in the name of our Lord in every way possible for us. That will include work with those struggling with addiction, moral problems, poverty and homelessness. "Lord, make me a servant. Make me like you."


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